Дентален юнит - Astral Air

Със заявка Дентален юнит - Astral Air

The Astral ECO model, with the same formal and functional characteristics of the entire range, has the simplest equipment, being the basic configuration of the model. For when the simple is enough.

On the same architecture of chair, cuspidor and tray, the Eco version is a pneumatic unit. The assistant's workstation is a simple two-hanger tray (four can optionally be incorporated), and the main tray includes pneumatic instruments with an ultrasonic cleaner. It incorporates a stand-up button for the control of the speed of the instrumentation with water selector and chip blower (optionally you can incorporate a multifunction stand button).

Available with hummingbird / continental type tray, with hanging hoses and with mobile unit.
The Astral Dental Unit, by the design of its chair and the design of the backrest, allows work in both direct and indirect vision.
Backrest of great amplitude and with triple anchoring to the seat and ergonomic criteria extraordinarily functional for the doctor and providing a great comfort of use to the patient. It complements
with the integration of the headrest.

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  • Модел: Astral Air
  • Наличност: Със заявка
  • 17,900.00лв.
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